Mushroom Monday

I love the fly agaric mushrooms with their red and white spots. Someone posted a photo on my village facebook page of a mushroom they'd spotted near the cricket pitch. Of course, I had to go and take a photo myself. I found two other women down there taking photographs. The power of facebook!

There seems to be an abundance of fungi in people's gardens or in the woods at the moment.

I really enjoy taking their pictures but know little about them. I'm just going to have to buy that fungi book!

@mushroommonday is initiated by @balticbadger.

Photos by @ellenripley - Julie Smitham. All rights reserved.

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Yes! Amanita muscaria is my favorite mushroom! Glad to see you again on mushroom Monday, really nice shots!

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28.10.2019 07:12

Thank you! I'm surrounded by them at the moment. ☺

28.10.2019 07:19

Thank god we have screens on our windows to keep the fly's out now! Haha

28.10.2019 07:29

😍 I love the fly agaric mushrooms 🍄 they are so colorful 😍

30.10.2019 06:36

Me too!

30.10.2019 07:05

🍄 Beautiful mushrooms 🍄

02.11.2019 01:32

Thank you.

02.11.2019 08:30