TOPIC: Why does Bro. Eli go on debates?

Bro Eli Soriano who is the presiding miniter of the Members Church of God International is always ready for a debate to anyone who will challenge him on a discussion based on the Bible. He didn't backout on any debate and ready to defend the faith. He is undefeated in his field and you can even search his debates in the youtube.

He literally debated almost all religion and even faced the athiests on the debate and all of them gainsay to his wisdom.

TOPIC: Why does Bro. Eli go on debates?

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Comments 3

Why does he swear during these debates and insult the people who disagree with him? He's a cult leader who doesn't know the Bible well enough.

12.12.2019 18:49

I dont know what you are talking about on accusing Bro Eli a cult leader. Hope time comes that you will be enlighten.

13.12.2019 16:16

Please, check the dictionary meaning of 'cult' to see whether you know the meaning before using the word.

14.12.2019 05:36