My Business

I'm Elizabeth Ramsak and I own 3 wonderful traffic exchange sites.
Each of them is unique and a story in itself.
My basic guide is, to be honest, and honest with my members.

Mustang Traffic is about a year old and has had its ups and downs. The site is based on the ticket system that rewards the month.

Warriors TE is a couple of months old and is mostly under development.

There is also a COOPMG ticket rewards system with many parties and games.

Breaking Down The Walls is my newest site and is basically for everyone.

It contains and offers both advertising and team projects with funnels and also

a member who wants to earn something.

All 3 sites have great options for advertising or make some money.

Upgrade do payoff at my sites

We have this on our sites:

-surfer rewards

-surf codes/soon

-team surfing

-face opponent


-top promoters

-and much more...

Comments 6

Thanks for the great info on yourself and your business. Best of luck to you :) #ctp

28.08.2019 08:55

Thanks. I love what I do...

28.08.2019 09:51

Great to learn more about your TEs and your business model

28.08.2019 13:32

Thanks, we try best for our members.

28.08.2019 17:55

I don't surf much these days. I wish you nothing but success with these Te's.

28.08.2019 20:56

Thanks appreciated

29.08.2019 04:22