virus we fight with antigens bacteria with antibodies? ? wath about mold?

what it causes ? what the response?

As mold builds up in the body, it can develop into more “mysterious” chronic health conditions such as the following:
– Chronic fatigue syndrome
– Chronic coughing
– Depression and anxiety
– Memory loss
– Autoimmune disease
– Nerve issues (like numbness in the hands and feet)]

Scientifically speaking, your body is producing antibodies in order to attack the intruding mold which is called an antigen. A 1999 study by the Mayo Clinic , published on had found that fungus (mold) is likely the cause of nearly all chronic sinus infections

Mold Toxicity: The Effects of Living in A House with Mold ...]
Mold toxicity occurs when mycotoxins are produced by micro-fungi such as mold, that can affect your body's system leading to chronic symptoms. It is estimated that 24% of the population is genetically susceptible to this illness and will begin experiencing chronic inflammatory immune responses as a result of this exposure.]

"What's supposed to prevent mold from colonizing us and growing in your body?

First, a healthy body produces hydrogen peroxide in a beautiful virtuous cycle, transforming bad stuff into good stuff. It starts in the mitochondria, your cell's power plants, where toxic superoxide is produced as a byproduct of mitochondrial respiration (when oxygen is turned into ATP)."

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