stop the lawn mill till the end of April part II

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avoid dispersing particles from bad weed plants and insects into people's lungs!
particles spreading from bad weed plants most likely turn in new plants..
and also decompose into mould releasing spores incubating deathly human corona mycoplasma! and plant diseases like epicocum!

and we need the o2 from living plants and trees!
and food for te bees flowering in spring!

*we can have an ecosystem with pure o2
decarbonizing and environment regulator all life supporting!

or deathly decomposing carbon and mouldy particles!

all the places or at least most of the places were we had corona spreading amongst older house resident communities
had an hover obsessive lawnmill gardening expensive service!

we can just look at the walls ceiling and floor and plant tree leaves te see the black coating coming from so much Aspergillosis Níger and Epicocum for sure... deaths have been reported to aspergilosis on decomposing grass...

also reports traced to old world war I and II and 70's mycoplsma (bacteria and virus incubator) still spreading among the planet from acidental own troop manipulator contamination... finding nice conditions to survive in death plants in moisture environment... during rainy spring season...

*next we should consider
vacines no longer have mercury in the US...


givin like 5 shots to a pet kills the pet all at once


the wrong treatment of vacine sintomes with antibiotics and cortisol could be so dangerous and even deathly...?
how vacines can be a cause of death and serious problem in pets and even in humans?


and many more to come upvote and follow read the last post and kee following share please
e mustsurvive and be conscient about this...

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