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For a strange reason, one of the news that has most powerfully caught my attention this week is undoubtedly what Netflix reported about the development of a television adaptation of Neil Gaiman's highly acclaimed play... "The Sandman".

Once the ad was given, he released a certain number of posts on Twitter, where Gaiman himself, who serves as executive producer of the series and other than that, will co-write the pilot chapter with his partner, fellow producer David S. Goyer and showrunner Allan Heinberg, we have been shared with little details about what we can expect from this serial production. Gaiman, if you've been very clear saying that you haven't even thought about everything sticking in a season, no sir! - (Like they closely followed what happened with Swamp Thing).

".. I hope we can do something on television that feels as personal and faithful as possible about the Sandman comics I did. Only thirty years after Sandman's comic book [...] The first season will be eleven episodes. That's the beginning of it all. Preludes and Nights and a little more [...] We're going to do Sandman, not reinvent it. ".

It's good to clarify things, and it's just that no script has yet been written for this story that's aimed at television. Long ago, that script that Jack Thorne made, that was for a movie that was supposed to be made four years ago. Now, Gaiman made it clear that those rumors that were given about a script for a film based on 'The Sandman' written by Goyer and himself are clearly FALSE.

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