Daily drawing 27/12/19 painting process

rawing a fanart, hope you like it :)

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Final result
Sin título.png

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Hi elias15g,

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27.12.2019 21:46

hi dear @elias15g, I don't understand, but it looks beautiful to me !! do you do it for work? do you draw comics? :-D congratulations on your curie vote and merry christmas

27.12.2019 22:17

hi @road2horizon this is a fanart from anime call Hunter x Hunter merry christmas to you too :)

27.12.2019 23:02


WOOOOOW I LOVE A LOT OF HUNTER X HUNTER! I admire your talent, when Killua transforms it is uff hahahah

Greetings from Venezuela

28.12.2019 02:42

@iamsaray The Chimera Ant arc is the best saga because Gon and even Killua have a great character development leading with all those trouble :), Merry christmas!

28.12.2019 02:58

That arc was for me a love-hate, I hated it for many reasons, I mean how ants would have so much power? my god but I loved him for the development of Killua and Gon, was the best😣

28.12.2019 15:39

Hello, beautiful drawing of this anime character, it's an art worth admiring because behind it there is a person who works hard to present us on the platform this excellent way of recreating a photo. A thousand congratulations to you and all the people who work with this form. It is important to value tutorials like this, because they are very complete and look excellent. Congratulations on your curie vote.

28.12.2019 16:03