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Contest: Stuffed Arepas /#club5050 by @elianisa09

Greetings my dear friends Iron Chef 🧑‍🍳!

Today we start another contest which will be full of various flavors and also a traditional silver in Venezuela and much of the world!!

I want you to prepare and show us one or a few stuffed arepas, with the filling you want, whether they are stews, salads, chorizos, sausages, in short, everything you want and do to fill your arepa, you can also be even more creative if the arepa in instead of You can make corn with cassava, banana, pumpkin, wholemeal, cereal anyway! Creativity and the combination of flavors will be our great protagonist!!


The arepa is a traditional food from Venezuela, but it has also become traditional in other Latin American countries, although we know that it is made from corn, which is a nutritious cereal, it is a versatile food because it can be prepared in various ways. including: roasted, fried, parboiled, toast. It is a good companion to meals, and even more so if it is stuffed! 🤤


You don't need to show the step by step, but you can tell us the ingredients you used!!.

Remember that the photos are your best impression for this contest so take the best!

So I want you to present me your best stuffed arepa and become a chef in SIC.


There will be 30 steem to distribute, which will be distributed as follows.

Prize 🥇🥈🥉

1er PLACE - 10 STEEM

⏰Contest Duration⏰


The contest will be valid until the expiration of this post.

Please note that entries received after the deadline will not be entered into the contest.


The rules of the contest:


💫 You must post from the @steemit-ironchef community.

💫 The title must be: contest arepa stuffed by @usuario.

💫 Use the tags, #steemit-ironchef , #areparellena , #steememexclusive and remember to mention me @ elianisa09 , so I don't miss your post.

💫You must put @steemit-ironchef as the beneficiary of the publication.

💫 The images must be yours, we do not accept plagiarism, so we require a selfie with the product.

💫 Restime this post and invite 3 friends to participate.

💫 Use the hashtags #club5050 , #club75 or #club100, only if you are eligible.

💫Don't forget to put your selfie photo in the post!

I invite you to review the active contests in the community, as well as Power up and stay active in #club5050, club75 and club100.

¡Be creative and have fun at SIC!

¡Good luck! 👨‍🍳 Publication set to 20% for @steemit-ironchef . 🙏Blessings💫
Thanks for reading, participating and commenting!!

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