Let's bake bread at home! Part 1. Healthy pastries from @elenka

Hi, Steemit!!!

I want to share with you my experience in baking homemade bread. For a very long time I did not dare to start, because this business seemed to me difficult. Probably many girls will understand me.
I still decided to try to bake homemade bread and I liked it !!! Maybe my experience will be useful to someone and inspire the creation of their culinary experiments !!!

First of all, you need to purchase three types of flour - rye, whole grain and white wheat flour. This will allow you to change the proportions to your liking and choose the best option.

It is also worth considering whether you want to bake bread with yeast (I mean not dry, but live yeast) or yeast-free bread with soda. Both options have their advantages. For example, yeast-free bread is kneaded very quickly and there is no need to wait a lot of time until the dough is suitable. And the bread on live yeast is softer and lush. Some people think that yeast-free bread is more beneficial for the intestines, then everyone should choose what suits him best.

I added some pumpkin seeds to this bread

Baking bread was not as difficult as I had previously imagined, but I realized that there are many nuances to consider: the correct consistency of the dough, proofing time, and especially the baking process itself. Bread on live yeast and yeast is mixed on different products and each has its own advantages. For example, a yeast-free dough does not require a long proofing time, as is the case with a yeast dough, which should be suitable for about 2 hours.

Soda Bread Recipe:

  • 500 ml. kefir, sour milk or whey;
  • an incomplete teaspoon of baking soda (throws into kefir)
  • a teaspoon of salt (mix with flour)
  • one or two tablespoons of vegetable oil.
  • flour (it turns out delicious if you mix whole grain, rye and a little white)
  • malt 1-2 teaspoons (optional, but it gives a special taste to rye bread)

Mix everything, flour should be set, how much will take. It is convenient to knead the dough with a fork, and then with your hands and it should not be too dense. Next, you need to decompose the dough into forms, or form loaves, put on a deco and leave it for 30 minutes to "approach". When the workpieces increase in volume, you can bake in the oven for 50 minutes at 200 degrees.

There is an interesting and simple way to improve the quality of the baked product - put a container of water on the bottom of the oven (I use a small cauldron). During baking, the water will gradually evaporate. Thanks to this, the bread fits more evenly, it does not form cracks. I bake bread for 50 minutes at a temperature of 210-200-190 degrees, gradually reducing.
It also works very effectively when baking other products, especially yeast.

This is what bread baked with this temperature mode and with water on the bottom of the oven looks like. As you can see, its surface is whole and without cracks.

Thank you for attention!

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Oh a baker friend !!
Nice job ! :)

16.12.2019 18:49

Thank you very much!
I'm glad you liked my pastries !!!

16.12.2019 18:52