The World of XPILAR - CITYSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK #069 - Venice during lockdown

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This is Piazza San Marco in Venice, in March 2020, during the first lockdown in Europe. I think I was the only person in the whole square in that moment. The pigeons were already conspiring and planning to take over. Since then, this city will never be the same, for the better or worse. Mass tourism is over, the beauty remains.


*Sony Alpha 7sii
specs: 16mm, f2.8, ND8, 160iso
location: Piazza San Marco, Venice*
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Supported by @xpilar
Supported by SBI
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09.03.2021 21:55

Bonita foto, tengo ganas de conocer Venecia, creo que es una de las pocas ciudades que aún no conozco de Italia.
Una lástima verla tan vacía, pero todo pasará y volveremos a la normalidad ya verás. Saludos

09.03.2021 22:24

Hola @kikenexum ! seguro que es posible visitar a Venecia pero es muy diferente. No más botes grandes, sino solo pequeños botes de remos ... una maravilla !! X, Elena&Ale

10.03.2021 13:22