Interrail Day 2 - 🎻 The magnificent Operahuset of Oslo πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄

🎻 Dear STEEM Community 🎻

We are arriving in Oslo. The capital of Norway. If you have any train to catch towards the North, you are pretty likely to pass by this city. For some reason, Oslo has the reputation of being a little bit boring. In my eyes, it's the opposite ... if you're into culture and sports.

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Behind me you can see the wonderful Opera House of Oslo. It is the home of the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet. You can find it in the BjΓΈrvika neighborhood of central Oslo - right at the Oslofjord.

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The design of the Opera House was inspired by an iceberg shape, invented by SnΓΈhetta. That's an international architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, and brand design office based in Oslo, which got the commission for this prestigious building.

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It was almost dark when we got to the Opera house. But actually, ... it's the best moment because you can observe the sunset from the rooftop. You must not even enter the Opera House, you can just walk up on top.

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The wind might freeze your nose, but it's absolutely worth it!


We stayed until the sun had disappeared and the lights of the city took control over the Oslo atmosphere. Unfortunately, we didn't have any tickets for the Opera or the Ballet that day. I wished I could have seen the building also from the inside. I already found it spectacular from the outside. How would the inside look like!? We will surely travel back there... and grab the chance to see the wonderful ballet corps. It would be a dream to see Peer Gynt, by Henrik Ibsen, composed by Edvard Grieg, who was a Norwegian composer that I deeply admire.

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We hope you enjoyed our little late evening trip to the Opera House in Oslo. For me personally, they are wonderful memories. It was so atmospheric. I find Oslo is one of these cities that completely change their nature and look depending on the time of day or night. The blue turns into iron steal and back. Something that is extremely enjoyable to observe, especially when you have a camera.
Elena & Ale

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I love the light and the mood of that day!

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