Interrail Day 1 - Traveling from Berlin 🇩🇪 to Larvik 🇳🇴 by train!

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We believe, that one thing that this pandemic really changed is the way we think about traveling. And we think that these changes will outlast this pandemic. We are diggers for Slow Travel. So moving from one place to the other by train, bike or bus. Depending on which means of transport are available.

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We would like to take you on a train journey from Berlin through Scandinavia. We were filming/ photographing the entire trip and I hope we can tickle your wanderlust a little bit.

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Our trip started at the Hauptbahnhof of Berlin. It's still pretty new. It only opened 2006. I remember seeing it for the first time. It felt like traveling into some strange future made of glass tubes. However, I like the design. It fits the frosty Berlin soul.


The day we departed was immensely cold: -10°C in the early morning hours. Alessandro was operating the camera with frozen fingers. But luckily we didn't have to wait long. Our first train was on time.


We documented the trip also with a Gopro. This poor little camera had to go through a lot. Icy water, sweat, blood.... . It became our faithful friend along the trip. But if there is a Camera God ... he will send us straight into hell. That's clear. We deserve it. We beg for forgiveness.

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When we were passing through Denmark, we had time to grab a coffee. I swear to you. The owner of the coffee shop was the alter-ego of David Bowie. And I'm not just talking about the hair and the face. It was the entire body, the way he spoke and moved! Sensational. He belongs on stage! Right in line with Cher and Mick Jagger!


We took the ferry to cross over from Denmark to Norway. The boat was packed! Full of families playing games in the corridors.

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The fisher boats looked minuscular compared to the gigantic ferry. But it didn't seem to worry the fishermen. They drove so close to the ferry that we thought there is going to be an accident. But I guess they were just enjoying the waves and the speed.


Ale loved how the horizon was just a continuation of the sea. It had the color of steal. But the sunset arrived quickly and we plunged into darkness. Just hoovering on the water - or in the air - in some empty space. No lights to obtain a sense of orientation. Where are we coming from, where are we going? It was all the same.




The next morning we came back to civilization. We reached Larvik. A small town with 46,364 inhabitants in Vestfold og Telemark county. It's most famous for the harbor. However, people were nowhere to be seen.

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Most people disembarked quickly with their cars. I believe we were the only ones traveling without a vehicle. Our next task: Find the train station. Not the easiest thing to do when there is literally no one around you could ask.

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We found it extremely amusing how Norwegians seem to like houses that completely fade into the background:
☁️ White house, white sky, white snow. ☁️

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At the end of the day we found somebody who could direct us towards the train station. These two fellas clearly didn't mind their feet getting cold.

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From Larvik we continue our journey to Oslo. We will tell you all about this chapter of our journey in the next post. We loved how you feel the kilometers that you're traveling, unlike when you take a plane. The more we go north, the more you feel the wast reality of Norway.
We hope you have enjoyed the read and feel some travel fever.

❄️ Elena & Ale ❄️

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