My account was hacked!? What the f**k is this b*lls**t ... and excuses formy misunderstanding

Yesterday i made a new post in my music series

And today, as usual, i go on steemit to check if there has been some interaction to my posting, and most of the times, i have a decent amount of views on my music posts (especially on the underrated album series) but no comment interaction at all, but today ... to my big surprise i find this comment ...


So i think ... WTF

As you can see, a couple of words jump right out

  • hacked
  • blacklisted
  • trailing

At first glimpse it sounds worrisome, but if someone that i never heard about, tries to kind of bully me with emergency words into interaction, and clicking a certain link, which i have never heard about, and have no business with, i get a lil suspicious, furthermore ...

who does this @carlgnash think that he is to ‘blacklist’ me out of nowhere?


I did do a little effort to check this persons steemit account, and i can’t help it, but i call a big pile of BS.

And therefore i have created this post, if you, the one who reads this, also receive a post like this ... do click on these kind of links, and if you like to respond back to the bully ....


I just made a comment on one of his posts, telling him to take me of his spam list. Because this is not a nice behaviour

  • more important

I noticed that this person tries to create music and make a name for himself

Well Carl, or whatever's your name, i can tell you one thing ....



furthermore i checked and rechecked, and i see no weird activity on my account, the amount in my wallet is still the same (not that there’s anything there) and my account allso did also not madeany weird coomments or other behavior ...

o agagain

THIS WAS MY PREVIOUS POSTING .... now fast forward a day

And it seems like i have been wrong with my initial assumptions, maybe i misunderstood, or things got lost a little in translations .... so hereby i make my excuses & if i offended anyone with my posting about this and yes, i know ... even my wife tells me i can be an asshole sometimes .... so i really know.
I am going to deep deeper into this whole subject in the next couple of days, and when i really figured out where did this went wrong ... and how and WHY i got onto the list
I will create a post about it
Thanks to each and everyone that took the time to write a comment and put me on my number, i will give a short reply below to each of you
Extra apologies to @Carlgnash ... i jumped on the wagon to quick, the only thing i can say is ... the road to hell is paved with good intentions


In case you got a little curious ...

This is the post that i am talking about, the topic is about the new upcoming recondite release (feb 2020) which i had the pleasure of having an early listening session to, and you can read more about, (if you want) right here

As always, i am happy with small donations in btc or bnb (it will be used for good causes and to continue my art)



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I tried to help with a few upvotes, but I feel I should warn you that you do not stand a chance of finding justice on steemit.

You see, those in control who DO believe in censorship, even though they pretend they do not, found the best way to further their interests, by making funds available for people to censor others without cost to them - in other words, they reward vigilantes.

It is the reason I do not allow my posts to be rewarded (I chose to set a benefactor, as he is a person who genuinely does a lot to help steemians).

14.12.2019 17:30

This isn't about censorship, he's a hacking victim who misunderstood what's going on.

14.12.2019 20:50

I’m diving into the fact if i was hacked or not .... thank all of you for taking the time to reply .... as insaid before ... i do believe innwisdom of the crowd, so im prolly wrong here ....

15.12.2019 15:48

All that matters in these cases is that it was intercepted before damage to the account occurred.

15.12.2019 18:44

Yes i think i solved it now, thanks to both you and carl. I will also give you a follow if you do not mind?

18.12.2019 13:52

And ... thanks again

18.12.2019 13:52

Just FYI your posts are not being created with a benefactor. You have opted out of rewards for them. What that means is any rewards they would have earned will be sent back to the reward pool for everyone else.

You probably set a witness proxy and are confusing it with a beneficiary

14.12.2019 21:29

You are wrong! My posts are set to rewards being sent to a beneficiary, here is an image of what I do:

Do you still think I am wrong - if so, please explain how I should do it?

As far as I am concerened, only my comments are set to Decline Payout.

Re Witness proxy...nothing set, not even a witness, as I do not like any of them - they all support rewarding vigilantes who never post, so that they do not have to bother flagging us themselves.

15.12.2019 15:53

hi it looks like you have been declining payout on your posts - if you decline payout, it doesn't matter whether or not you have set a beneficiary, your payout is burned (returned to the reward pool). If what you intend to do is send your post rewards to steemchiller, you need to NOT decline payout on your posts. Then whatever payout you receive, will go to your beneficiary

16.12.2019 05:09

The account you looked at is dormant. It was created to hold four of my books (Book 01 to Book 04) in 10 page sizes per post - made for those who want to read the book, not for those who only want to up or down vote. I am now uploading Bk 06 and that is in account #8, which will hold Book 05 to Book 08. After that I will be uploading to my account #13 which will hold my books up to Book 13.

The idea was that I want my posts to be easily scrolled back to the first one of that account.

Only my account without a number will remain permanently used as I use it for shorter posts of my books (paused for now) and other posts. There I am also setting Steemchiller as my beneficiary. If that is not set properly, I would appreciate advice (as you can see in my last comment, the payment is set at the usual 50/50, not at Decline Payment and I have set the 100% of reward to by sent to my beneficiary. Am I doing something wrong?

16.12.2019 13:01

Ah no you have it set up the way you want it on that account, 100% beneficiary for steemchiller. I am pretty sure the only reason netuoso commented that you had not set up a beneficiary above is because you had commented here with the @arthur-grafo8 account so that is the one he (and I) checked out. all is good it looks like. cheers

16.12.2019 19:33

dude I am trying to help you LOL calm down :) I am not the one who put you on the blacklist, I am just trying to help you LOL So you may have noticed that you are getting small tiny flags from @mack-bot - this is because, as I said in my comment to you, you have been placed on the @spaminator's blacklist. Either your own account has been hacked, or you have set your account to trail a vote of an account that has been hacked. See this screencap -

If you don't link clicking on links maybe you will be more comfortable visiting a link to a username: that is the link on, which is the most official steem website i could possibly give you a link to on this issue. Spaminator is one of the official anti-spam fighting accounts along with steemcleaners on this platform. You can click on the relevant posts yourself if you don't want to follow the link I already gave you on your last post. You don't want to be on the @spaminator blacklist, and you currently are on it. I am trying to help you LOL

14.12.2019 17:49

Okay, and how do i get blacklisted, when i am not trailing anything ... or have weird suspicious behaviour on my account ... as far as i know?

Anyway ...when i find the time i will dive deeper into this spaminator thing and in case this really is a misunderstanding ... i give you my sincere apologies

15.12.2019 15:24

No worries dude. So I am not really an expert on this (@guiltyparties who responded here in the comments is actually a part of Steem Cleaners and is taking a lead in dealing with response to this ongoing hacking episode) but from what I gather the compromised accounts are identified by voting activity. So if you look at your outgoing votes and/or downvotes for the past few weeks, you will likely find some that you did not cast yourself. The hacker set up a fake steem-engine website (the FAKE website is and a ton of users (likely including yourself) entered their key into the website not realizing it was a fake. Most of the compromised accounts just gave their posting key authority to the hacker, which allows them to cast upvotes/downvotes but not actually steal your funds. The hacker has basically set up a bot net with the compromised accounts and has used them to upvote/downvote en masse.

Guiltyparties already said he took you off the blacklist so you shouldn't receive the @mack-bot flags anymore and you won't pop up on the blacklist for curation groups. BUT you still need to reset your account keys, or you will end up right back on the blacklist. Use your master/owner password to generate new active and posting keys, use the new posting key to log in to steemit or whatever front end you use and only use the active key for transfers and stuff that needs active key authority. Let me know if you need to get pointed to resources on how to regenerate your keys.

The main thing to keep in mind is that NO website (except is safe to enter your keys into directly. There are two safe tools that all legit steem websites use to avoid having you enter keys directly. These two safe tools are steemconnect and steemkeychain. If you find yourself at a website asking for your keys, it is a scam/phishing website. All legit Steem websites now use eitehr steemconnect or steemkeychain (or both).

15.12.2019 19:33

Hi, thanks for that ...

i went to visit steemd for a better look at what is actually going on on my account and indeed there are some weird upvotes and curation rewards which i never made and those are coming from something called steemengine

I will include a couple of pictures for you guys and girls to see, so again, my apologies, you guys were totally right in this ...



And i have to say, i feel a little stupid, with my ranting and raving, i can only tell that i always try to be on the safe side as much as i can, as you not so kindly experienced, but i actually think that i might have mixed up the steem engine sites. (which i would have never visited if it wasn’t for the drugwars game ... which i have actually no idea why i keep playing that ... but that is another story)

One question though .... i do know how to see my steem keys, but i have no idea how to generate a new keyset ... maybe you or @guiltyparties can help me along the way???

17.12.2019 13:27

No worries dude. "... the drugwars game ... which i have actually no idea why i keep playing that ..." LOL I felt the same way I just finally stopped playing a week or two ago and I have no idea why I kept playing for so long, it was so pointless and a total time waste but I just kept doing it for some reason. It felt great to just walk away.

OK as far as changing your keys, go to your steemitwallet and click on the change password:

You will have to put your current owner/master password in and then click to generate new password. Record the new password offline safely in a notepad file or password manager, etc. Then paste in the new password again to confirm that you have it recorded where I drew the arrow. Once you have done that, you will have changed to a NEW master/owner password. This means all your previous lower permission keys (active / posting keys) will no longer work. Once you have the NEW master/owner password, then click on the "keys & permissions" link and use your new master/owner password to generate new active and posting keys. You will have to re-enter the ew posting key into to log in once you have done this. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers :)

17.12.2019 22:18

That is all done, thank you some much. I checked steemd today, and yesterday the steemengine thing was still upvoting in my name. But now i just changed the master password, and think i also have created a new set of posting and other keys, changed and saved those. So i hope i am good now.

Thanks again ...

and yeah, drugwars ... i was there from the beginning .... i loved the idea 💡 in the beginning, actually dropped quite some money on it ... but when other players started with bots and the drugwars team started to mess with other idea’s, and shifting their initial promises and then currency to other chains (how often did we shift untill now, 3 or 4 times) and also the shifting payout percentages ... you could already start to smell there’s something rotten in the process, and first mover advantages are not there ....

I managed to build without being in a gang and i was hoping that one day, i somehow get my initial investment back, but with current rates and the net worth of their native currency, that might take longer then to build an empire from scratch

I do login each day because i would hate for others to use me as a farm .... but stopping with that could also be an enlightening moment. The devs should make it possible to sell your account though 😉

currently i am saving data and screenshots because i uncovered another faul play (with the lottery) but, before i started taking screenshots, i thought it was a glitch or something, so i called them out on twitter, they gave a shitty excuse, and continued what they were doing (certain names always win the lottery,some even several times a week, with huge payouts, and when a regular name wins, the payouts are breadcrumbs) so i started taking screenshots .... and was almost ready to write my article about it .... but now, all of a sudden, they now changed some ruling on the lottery, so now my semi pro investigation will take a little longer.

Anywayz .... Have a good day carl, and if you do not mind, i will give you a follow. I know from irl experience that the nicest friendships and encounters can come from the kind of experience we just had.

18.12.2019 13:07

Well, all I know is that when you fall on a blacklist it must not certainly be @carlgnash who put you there. From what I see he was just warning you about you being on a blacklist of @spaminator.

Like he said, maybe you are on a vote trail that is voting someone who was already on the blacklist of this spaminator thing, this May have led them to also include you in this blacklist.

You better go to Spaminator’s Discord channel (if they have one) and tell them you have been wrongly blacklisted.

If they don’t have a Discord, then find a way to contact them by any means.

14.12.2019 18:11

I believe in the wisdom of the crowd, and after noticing all these replies .... i must be wrong. I written a statement and apology in my original post

15.12.2019 15:46

There is a large list of accounts that have been hacked including some that I have followed for several months. @carlgnash is not trying to spam or bully you. If you go to my profile, you will see posts I have resteemed, as well as my own post about the large account hack that has happened. Also if you look in my comments, you will see other accounts I warned about being hacked yesterday.

14.12.2019 18:13

Thanks for the info

15.12.2019 15:32

Carl is not the one who put you on the black list. In fact, he is the one who support your works with his curation effort :).

From what I hear, there's been a massive hacking going on. So many account affected by it. And @steemcleaners is trying to help, they put their @mack-bot downvote to notify the victims.

To make it simple, check this post:

if you find your name on that list, steemcleaners' discord server is your place to get your account cleaned from that hacker doin' with your account. They will help you out.

Cheers! :)

14.12.2019 18:40

Thank you ... i am going to dive into this, but thanks for taking the time to pist this. I posted a statement in my original post

15.12.2019 15:45

Hey, I definitely know Carl is a good guy thats trying to help. Hope you get it sorted soon. I think all the advice above should sort it out for you. Good luck..

14.12.2019 18:58

Thank you also for your comment, and the effort in posting .... please read my other comments or my edited addenum in the posting.

15.12.2019 15:43

Dude.. just dude.

He didn’t make the list, he’s trying to alert you to a known issue so you can resolve it.. and he’s curating you with the c-squared curation group (aka, supporting your content) ffs.

@spaminator - click the username, go read their posts and then come back and thank him, stop being a jerk, then get back to creating music so we can upvote you some more.

14.12.2019 19:38

I’m not trying to be a jerk, see my comment above

15.12.2019 15:25

Carl didn't blacklist you, I did in order to warn you.

If you're not using trails then that means your posting keys were stolen. Please regenerate your keys to keep your account safe and only use websites that have either Keychain or Steemconnect enabled. Your account is for you, not for hackers. Keep it secure.

You are now off the list and I'll remove any downvotes.

14.12.2019 20:49

Thank you, i will dive deeper into this spaminator thing. Just a quick question though ... if someone stole my keys, and is posting, commenting or doing things on my behalf ... then i should be able to see these postings appear on my account with the comments/replies/rewards section? Right?

It would actually be a huge surprise if my keys got stolen, because i only use a few services on steem, and afaik the only one that has a partial of the key is drugwars

15.12.2019 15:31

Yes. In this case they are so far using the keys for voting only. What they'll use the keys for in the future we don't know. All the hackers are different and do different things with the accounts; we're just lucky this one only likes to vote versus spam.

If you've ever used a voting site called 'steemengine' (not to be confused with the new steem engine which creates tokens and tribes) then the keys are compromised. If you never used that site and are just maybe using a trail, then it's whatever you're trailing that's compromised and not you. We can't tell based on just transactions, which is why we're going the route of warning everyone.

15.12.2019 18:48

Hi, thanks for the reply, i (kind of) figured it out partially, and posted about it underneath carl’s comment, which i also tagged you in.

But i thought it would be nice if i took the effort to reply here also 😉

17.12.2019 13:28