Trading my Powered-Down Steem on COIN-EX to better my situation.

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Bad news to everyone I've delegated to. You may have notice that it has ran off from my end by now. Well that is because I'm using the money left over in my Steem power to make some tactful trades with After converting it all into Ethereum I'll start building upon it. As some of my dedicated fans may know I've lost a lot of money in this journey. There is no way in hell this soldier is just going to sit back and take it. Not all of my powering down will go towards trading. Some of it will be spent to pick-up a new debit card from 'Bitpay' That way I can send the Ethereum right to my access in USD (still digitally) in order to promote music on social medias using paid ads. There is no giving up. I'm happy to have kept some emergency funds in this account just on case the worse case arose. And it did. A fellow veteran stole $10,000 from me and an ex got away with $8,000. Not to mention having to clear all my debt for surviving in-between. Which, thankfully I did. Steem has lowered it's value too which has worried me. Damn near cut in half for me. On the high end.

Steem-Engine might be another good place to look into when it comes to trading. But as of right now I'm landing the funds where the fun is.. .. .. In other words, there are more people on Coin EX at the moment. Some of what I earn trading will help support the #boombox project!

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