Burn post (#2) for BOOMBOX tag to become a Steem Engine token.


I've been working hard to unite the communities between artists and fan. Music is loved by everyone. So we should all have a little return when supporting our favorite songs. #boombox is a tag where my alternate profiles @orbitdrop & @fortpeacesteemit resteem all posts with music in it FOR FREE. Right now it's temporally shut down. Until I earn 100 Steem Engine that is. And 1 Steem token = 1 Steem Engine. There are cool audio tokens already launched like 'jham' or 'sonicgroove' None of which however offer free resteems when used. BOOMBOX will be different in that manner. Everyone using BOOMBOX gets a free promotion! So please upvote and resteem to help kick off the project.


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Upvoted to support you! Good luck.

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06.11.2019 21:38

Thanks, I'm powering down some too. But these posts will contribute first before adding my own Steem.

07.11.2019 21:19