So two days ago I did this look and spray painted my hair...and now, I dyed it in these colors cause I like them....
What do you think? :)

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Damn I love the colors! I think your hair color suits you.

You might want to use the OC tag so you'll get curated by @ocdb :D

16.10.2019 15:26

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16.10.2019 15:28

I just saw the Birds of Pray trailer and my first thought was a Harley Queen vibe. Nice work.

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16.10.2019 15:59

I like the blue to pink fade in your face makeup, and the heavy dark eyeliner which really brings out your light blue eyes. This is a cool look. maybe not something to wear to a job interview but really cool! LOL

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16.10.2019 17:30

Again, I like it, Beautiful colors! Upvoting and following :)

16.10.2019 18:03