Trading Journey (Tf is happening)

Good morning guys,

What do you see here?

Old Bull run

Screenshot (422).png

Latest bull run

Screenshot (423).png

Call me crazy but for me the SAME exact pattern is taking place

Lets go a little bit deeper

Screenshot (424).png

Average price line (ichimoku indicator) has to meet real price action

In the first case PRICE fails to meet up there, it was the line that came down to catch it

Second case?
Most likely the same happens

Another one

Screenshot (425).png

And the last one

CONFIRMATION... How do we know we are going to repeat it?

Screenshot (427).png

18/24 crossing moving average

The cross havent happened yet

  • NOW

That was a little bit of macro... but can we trade something?

Screenshot (428).png

If BTC fails to sustain its price above $7300 in this h&s pattern it could lead to a massive drop to $5000

Because thats the next strongest support area

What do we have to do?

Screenshot (429).png

I have to find a pattern in the daily chart

At the moment I dont see nothing

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