Trading Journey (Massive Sell-off)

Good morning Guys

Did you do some scalping yesterday? I did it, took some profits, not bad. It was exactly like I said, cold minded (pum) in and out, fast.

Ok so now... now I want to tell you that this of price action... man from my experience this is BEARISH as hell

Screenshot (31).png

Screenshot (32).png

But... what about this?

Screenshot (33).png

it still a possibility, but it's a possibility I havent seen yet in my life

So this is the crucial zone

Screenshot (34).png

if BTC comes there, we can bet big on it

Take a look at the lower time frames

Screenshot (35).png

Screenshot (36).png

Screenshot (37).png

BEARISH as hell

*Bearish as hell = Price below ichimoku, below 50 MA, below 100 MA, below 200 MA and a clear bearish price action move coming from above

In ALL these time frames!

The only thing that concerns me is that it may move so fast that I wont going to have time to jump in, that's what concerns me, we have to pay close attention to that 4h -1h and 30min chart.

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