Trading Journey (Massive Sell-off ACTIVATED)

Good mornig guys

That's crazy...

The most bearish scenario is the one that has started... be prepared to see BTC at 6.500$ levels or may 4.700$ like other traders have said

Ok lets start with how this thing got "Activated"

Screenshot (63).png

there you have

"An image woth thousend words"

Screenshot (63).png

Just pay attention again, stop reading

Let's continue

Ok as you can see we have 3 patterns in this chart. Which are:

  • Little one (Green)
  • Medium one (Blue)
  • Big one (Orange)

*I have drawn multiples ones, all of them got broken, by now, every trader should have "their" pattern broken

Funny thing is that when one breaks, the other got activated, this breaks the next and then this breaks the next one, (domino's effect)

So green one already broke the blue pattern and the blue pattern already broke the orange one...

Screenshot (64).png

Screenshot (65).png

Screenshot (66).png

So... what do we need now?


We have to let the trade develop till it's maximum, follow it and from time to time new patterns will be spotted, once we see a bullish / reversion one, we out

Pro tip: I follow my trades with the ichimoku on the background so I can have clear vision of the trend (1D - MAX 4h recommended)

Screenshot (67).png

Screenshot (69).png

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