Trading Journey (LONG IT)

Good morning guys,

Let's start with bitcoin


Screenshot (319).png

I'm very bullish on it, I'm expecting a parabolic move soon actually, that's what I feel. I'm still wanting it to break this pattern so I can jump on it.

  • BTC Trading above $9550 would be a very bullish signal
  • BTC Trading below $9000 would be a bearish one


Screenshot (323).png

Lets see Ethereum


Screenshot (320).png

I'm going to open the long on it, the price is just too perfect, I know the ETH value so it's at a great price right now.

BTW: I got green light from a trader I have much respect

I'm planning it to be a position trade so I pretend closing it in December when the contract expires. So I will have huge stop loss

Entry: $186
TP1: $280
TP2: Moon

ST: $140

Screenshot (321).png

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