Trading Journey (Huge MOVE!!) 50% Price Move

Good morning guys,

Im glad to tell you that BTC is most probably out of that bearish trend we've been these couple of months

Look the pattern that broke yesterday has a potential of hitting



Lets see it

Screenshot (652).png

Ok this is what everybody sees, yesterday btc broke the pattern we were analysing in the previous post


Screenshot (653).png

It has the potential of hitting the botton of the ichimoku cloud on the 1W Chart

Doing something like this

Screenshot (654).png


What happens after hitting it?

Does it actually have the potential of still going up?

Screenshot (655).png

Rewind yourself a little, step back

Look again at the image... which huge pattern has been BROKEN?

The Big ONE (Blue)


If everything falls into place, BTC has the potential of doing something like this


Screenshot (656).png


Screenshot (657).png


Screenshot (658).png

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