Trading Journey (Another day...)

Good morning guys

Lets keep with the daily analysis

Yesterday I've realised that 1H + 4H + 1D Chart works perfectly together, so having them on sight can help you make better trading decisions


So, what do we have today for BTC?

First of all this what I see happening in the majors

Screenshot (209).png

Lets get closer

Screenshot (210).png

It fits perfectly with:

  • Ichimoku
  • Fibonacci
  • EMA's
  • The pattern
  • Fundamentals themselves (Bullish)

Lets get this clean

Screenshot (200).png

Something I love about trading is that if you spot something too good to be true it's actually true

Yes. Trading only have two difficulties

  1. Knowing the REAL PATTERN (Price action, whatever you want to call it) Millions of people can see the same screen at the same time and see things totally different, that's why being able to recognize the real pattern is crucial for your success in this.

How do you develop this?

You don't go to books...
You don't go to your notes...
You don't go to Youtube...

You just STARE at the fucking screen, you have to be able to see it with your own eyes, create the patterns in you own mind inside the field.

  1. Execution... man, I don't if this one should be the first or second. You can still be right at the pattern and still losing the trade.

If you don't know where exactly to buy, to sell, to place ST, to make a TP, the time needed for that move to develop, etc...

You can share your secret...
You can share your analysis...
You can see pro traders charts... and still only few people make money off it


Because execution is another skill. When one buys, other is selling. You got to be in at the right place at the right moment, you got to be out at the right place at the right moment.

Even if someonde doesn't know nothing about trading, if you are a lucky person, you can make money without even knowing nothing about it just because your execution is perfect. I learnt this the hard way.

Lets keep with this thing

Screenshot (201).png

Ok this thing looks good to me...

What I dont like is this thing

Screenshot (202).png


Screenshot (203).png

Normally with this broken pattern price should have gone upwards BUT because we have that red cloud acting as resistance area it didn't happen

What makes me think that this is not the REAL pattern

I still don't know all the patterns (It could be a murcielago btw) but this is what I think:

Screenshot (205).png

It's kinda weird so I'm going to keep watching it like this:

Screenshot (208).png

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