Trading Journey (A little bit more)

Good morning guys,

How much money did you make ?


I closed it at $8000 because on weekends I do not trade so didnt want to have a risky position openned for the weekned, but... it reached $8680 on Bitmex


Screenshot (376).png

Maan that thing looks ugly as f#ck

BTC is in (AND already was but the previous pattern was clear) in a no trade zone and the sad true is that it will not get out of this zone till the end of this month (17th-19th)

I doubt there will be another worthy tradeable pattern till the end of this month, but lets see

No Trade Zone: Inside a daily, weekend or 4h ichimoku cloud

  • Good news:


Screenshot (377).png

Bitcoin is developing the pattern I anticipated, so we are moving right AND


Screenshot (380).png

There is no ichimoku cloud
There is a bullish trend
It's just days away of breaking that Blue resistance trend line... Which... What does that mean? The Welcome of one of the greatest bull maket in history of assets speculation

Destination $1M

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