Trading Jorunal

Ok guys I had to step back and see whats happening here

this is what I see

I was only able to see the pattern on 1D Chart


Screenshot (311).png


Screenshot (312).png

Bullish 4H

Screenshot (313).png


Screenshot (314).png

Paying attention to

Screenshot (315).png

The possible trade, Im bearish guys

Screenshot (316).png

it's the most probable outcome to me and has a great Risk Reward Ration

Now what?

I can jump now but... I would to see a confirmation on 4h, I think it's viable, bear in mind that the pattern comes from 1D chart, don't forget that

*By the way Bitmex yestedray got me fucked up, we did the short and hit the TF 1, but the order did not fulfill, even worst, from a winning we ended up in a losing trade

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13.08.2019 07:59

no, im tired this fucking tribe, im out this shit

13.08.2019 22:41