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Good morning guys, let's follow with the analysis.

BTC is in a crazy zone, we all know that, so because of that we need to pay attention to falses break outs.

BTC is about to make MAJOR move regardless the direction of it, I've seen traders posting about a massive downmove, a massive upwards move... and both are right, the anlysis says so.

SO, like I said, be careful of falses breakouts, there will be too many people jumping in that BUY / SELL signal that it might cause crazyness in the market.

With that being said lets continue

Screenshot (45).png

Here is where we are right now, the most HEALTHY move for today would be a bullish move (I've been saying since a week ago BTC NEEDS to make a bullish movement if the market wants to stay healthy)

Check this

Screenshot (46).png

That move will lead to make this pattern more accurate for the next MAJOR movement we are all waiting for

Screenshot (47).png

if not... if BTC makes a bearish move... it will activate the MAJOR bearish move

Doing something like this...

Screenshot (48).png

You know what is funny tho?

this bearish move would be ok in 1W timeframe, it would be normal.

Screenshot (51).png

And an upwards movement would lead to something like this...

Screenshot (52).png

So wth do we have to do?

Stay HERE, follow the price, see what is doing, see what is trying to tell you... Thats all I can say guys...
Screenshot (46).png

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