Trading Journey

Good morning guys

This have been a very relaxing weekend... fully energized for this money... how about you?

I have to say... I opened 3 longs 4x each one on Bitmex

  • EOS
  • TRX
  • ADA

I'm not going to make a daily analysis on them because they are a Swing Trade, I'm planing closing them at the end of the year something like that.

If you are a smart trader you can clearly see the long potencial gains for these alts

With that being said lets go into BTC

Screenshot (168).png


That daily candlestick is what I'm focusing on. It would be the confirmation for the h&s /trend pattern be finally broken

So lets wait on it

Screenshot (169).png

And this is what we got in lower timeframes

Screenshot (170).png


Screenshot (172).png

patiently waiting...

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Comments 1

Great piece. Investing in Alt-coins is a great way to diversify portfolio to minimise the risk of loss as well.

23.09.2019 08:55