Trading Journey

Good morning guys,

First of all, today lets take a look at the overall market

Screenshot (125).png

will it do this?

Screenshot (126).png

or this?

Screenshot (128).png

What do you think BTC is going to do?


  • a. Are you Bullish?
  • b. Are you Bearish?


  • a. Is this really a descending triangle?
  • b. Or maybe just an accumulation pattern?

Try to solve it looking at the charts

Personally this is what I see NOW. Call me crazy but I think it will go through that ichimoku cloud...

Screenshot (129).png

Ok anyways...

Lets see if we can trade something today

This is what we got

Screenshot (130).png

I can see the pattern I think is going ahead my trade but I need a price action confirmation like a price drop to 10250$ something like that as a confimation

Screenshot (131).png

Lets wait...

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A really interesting representation we have got here. But in the end, it's just time that'll speak. Also if the luck is not in our favour the best we can do it make luck our friend by diversifying the portfolio. Read an in-depth article on my blog.

16.09.2019 11:20

Could not be better said. I will check it out

16.09.2019 19:01