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Good morning guys,

lets jump in

Screenshot (111).png

This weird pattern is the only thing that makes any kind of sense to me right now

Screenshot (112).png

this thing is the thing that most probably would happen if we put in concordance lower timefrimes with the daily one

Lets see it

Screenshot (114).png


Screenshot (115).png

there, we start to see something weird, like a reversal pattern. This could be the case

Screenshot (116).png

You see that? this resonates with the 1D chart we got above

What about the bearish scenario?

Well this could the one

Screenshot (113).png

if this one happens it might break the 9500$ support zone, that would mean that the major picture pattern is broken which would lead to btc price fall down around 6000$ area

We have discussed this before and already has been like 4 false breakouts for this. So right now I dont know how to interpreteta that,

I dont know if it's a sign of strenght or weakness.


Just be ready to jump in

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