My Design Alteration Idea for the 2019 Steem Silver Round - Turning Seaweed into REAL Weed (UPDATED!)

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Oh, it's like find the 'Easter eggs' almost hidden symbols in plain sight.

01.08.2019 23:28

Exactly, seems fitting as many pre-legalization cannabis grows were created in the same "hidden in plain sight" way to blend in with preexisting vegetation, but also still receive sunlight. This is still the case in many regions actually.

I also can't help but have Ricky's hash driveway come to mind from your comment..

"I mean..."

LOL, I had to. TPB 4 Life.

02.08.2019 03:40

I think it’s a great idea and TPB4Life

02.08.2019 05:21

Thank you for your support on this, I am stoked you like the idea!

02.08.2019 05:31

Looking good, @elamental!

01.08.2019 23:43

I am glad you approve @SilverSaver888, I think its dope.

02.08.2019 03:41

Honestly I am not a fan but it's up to the community and the creator. Your proposal is very well done though. Appreciate the thoughts and thanks for sharing!!

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02.08.2019 01:52

Thank you for casting your view tactfully and appreciating the work I put in on this proposal. I am hoping to somehow get votes from more of the community to see where the community lies with this as a whole. Bless up friend, & stack on!

02.08.2019 03:45

No problem.bro. Appreciate your view on the matter and have nothing but respect. If we were all the same what wpuld the fun be.

03.08.2019 04:50

Dude this design is so sick! I'm totally gonna get one of these coins, I love how it looks very prestigious. Great job!!

02.08.2019 04:41

Glad you like the edit... and the design overall of course!

02.08.2019 05:05

Everyone on Steemit supports steem and hopes for it to be successful. Not everyone is into the cannabis.

So that is a phat no vote from me. 😉

02.08.2019 05:13

Thank you for your input, and I will agree with that, but cannabis enthusiasts do in fact encompass a large portion of Steem users, and the edit is only for a small part of the coin.

02.08.2019 05:29

Photographers, travelers, epicureans, homesteaders, gun enthusiasts, and musicians also “encompass a large portion of steem users”. Singling out one steem community above others on the round feels inappropriate to me.

Perhaps designing a token (silver or otherwise) specifically for your community would be a fun project?

I am not trying to be a pain (though I am being a pain 😬). We have differing opinions and ultimately the community will decide.

Thanks for your enthusiasm for the round and your desire to make it a great product.

02.08.2019 14:29

For photographers and travelers sure (although posting photos exclusively is not really what Steem is about), but there are not really a ton of gun enthusiasts on the platform (at least not outspoken ones), and unfortunately the number of homesteaders and musicians has significantly dwindled lately (as a musician and prospecting homesteader I have certainly noticed the severe drop). This idea came about because i felt that was the one part of the design that could do with improvement, and also because they were already so close to depicting cannabis leaves anyway, they have the correct number of leaf segments - its calling for it. The Steem cannabis community and precious metal enthusiasts are still in mass numbers on here (and many of the precious metal peeps are also cannabis peeps) - and do in fact represent an actual large portion of the community - for better or worse.

Anyway, I do appreciate you representing the opposite view on this topic, as I anticipated that there would be a few non-canna enthusiasts that disagree - which I respect (I am a huge proponent of stepping up to have your belief's heard, even if its controversial - hence this post). This is a community round and you are absolutely right that the community should decide. In the end, it is fun to play around with these ideas even if nothing comes of them... I loved this fantasy version from last year

SSR 2018 fantasy.png
Bless up.
02.08.2019 17:59

Thank you for the whale support on this proposal @Dtube & @FulltimeGeek - I see you.

02.08.2019 05:44

I think it's a great idea, @kerrislravenhill
@dfinney have 2 interesting points, not everyone is a cannabis enthusiast which would generate some controversy, which would be good for sales, and not everyone knows the cannabis plant which would be a point in favor because it would increase curiosity of people for the currency. it remains to be seen what the initial potential buyers think primarily.
Sin título-2.jpg

Sin título-3.jpg

02.08.2019 12:30

Meanwhile I have 10 Cannabis seeds in my prep's ready to sow for medical needs post shtf or on an as needed basis.

02.08.2019 13:05

Once you start growing and learn how to propagate seeds and clone... its hard to stop. Much love sista.

02.08.2019 16:47

Thank you so much for the updated images @EDXserverus! They look awesome. Good points that you have made also, it seems the vast majority are into the idea so far. I cannot wait to hear opinions from a few more Steem warriors to achieve decent poll numbers - I am satisfied with the community response thus far, and pretty much exactly what I expected/predicted.

02.08.2019 16:46

Oh yeah! Definitely go for the cannabis leaves!

02.08.2019 12:53

Thank you for your support brother! Looking good, just got the updated design edit mock-up posted here.

02.08.2019 16:49

I really like the Celtic vibe lurking there....

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02.08.2019 16:42

Being of Celtic descent myself, I really like it as well, and take that as a compliment. Thank you for your positive input and support.

02.08.2019 17:19

Fuck yeah bro! I totally agree that the cannabis community needs way more recognition then what it has. Just watch, our community will be the biggest once this platform gets its shit together and people start coming in droves. Any thing you else need to get this a reality, just ask bro.

03.08.2019 06:36

Did you know that Steem has 81 Dapps?! That is more than any blockchain. Cannabis is making ripples in big headlines at about the same rate as cryptos... its only a matter of time before they are both adopted and become the norm. Steem's diversity and improved functionality is growing more and more every day - just like plants, and its all thanks to the community.

04.08.2019 08:39

very cool silver design!

06.08.2019 06:50

Much appreciated bro. I like it too.

13.08.2019 05:07

Great suggestion, better yet why don't we just design our own round for the Cannabis community and sell them for STEEM :P

I am going to look into getting a Silver round minted.

06.08.2019 21:14

I would love to collaborate on something like this. I have a lot on my plate, so take charge and keep me updated. I am here to assist.

13.08.2019 05:28