My First Entry in STEEM WOMEN CLUB // “Chain of Goodness” / Sharing to the Needy 01

Good day my dear strong women!
How are you today? Wishing for good health to all of us and stay strong to fight against Covid19 virus. Facing this pandemic many people who don’t have a stable job to feed their families. Many people cannot sustain their daily needs. It touches me a lot y witnessing these experiences.


Everyone can experience the joy and blessing of generosity; because everyone has something to give. -Jan Grace

This quotes really inspire me in sharing the blessings that I have received all the time because, when I was a kid I also experienced scarcity, sleeping with an hungry tummy but there is someone who helped us in surpassing the scarcity. In return to my experiences I want to help and to share the blessings to others, we cannot eliminate scarcity but we are finding solutions to lessen scarcity.


I and my brother @jmaxswivel and his wife @kyrie1234 prepares the foods early in the morning. This is the second time iniating feeding program. Thank you so much #steemmwomenclub for letting me experience this for the second time in my life.


We bought ; Royal, 3 loaves of bread and Sandwich Spread.


The kids with @jmaxswivel, @kyrie1234 and me took up the picture.

Everything was all set, we are had our activity which was the kids and I are dancing together. After all, we had a prayer for the foods and distributing the foods.

Please click the video for the dance activity of the children.




I let them line up and upon receiving their shares, children went home to share it to their loved once. I am hoping that someday I will include their parents too. Seeing beautiful smiles really inspires me to continue sharing the blessings.


I am really happy experiencing this again. The program really went well by the grace of God.
I am always grateful to #steemwomenclub for having this “#chainofgoodness” activity, and I am really thankful to @cryptokannon @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 #steemcurator03 @steemcurator06 and @booming01 for always sharing their support.

Love lots,


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