Writing contest by @elacash [a second chance at love ]

A second chance at love

A business man called Blake married Harriet a woman who gave up her carrier to be a house wife to Blake. She had three kids Linda, Brandon and Clair with Blake. At a point their marriage started facing challenges, she wakes up one day and leaves the house to visit her parents and take care of her sick dad for two weeks and never returned...

Linda, Brandon and Clair are so excited. Today they get to eat dinner with their dad Blake. The food is set and the kids wait for their daddy impatiently. It begins getting late and Linda being the eldest decides that they eat the dinner since their daddy won't be able join them. After Linda puts Clair the youngest to bed and Brandon also goes up to his room.
Blake is held up in a meeting. He remembers his dinner with the kids today but unfortunately the meeting delayed more than he had expected. After he closed from the meeting and was driving home, thoughts of his wife Harriet came to mind. Things would have been better if Harriet had not left. He gets home and goes to each of the kids room and talks them into sleep properly, kissing them goodnight.
He loves the kids very much but his work as the manager of his company is time consuming. The next day during breakfast, Blake informs his kids he is traveling to bring mummy back. They are so excited about it. Blake true to his words travels to bring his wife back home. He goes to her house and fixed a date with her.
Harriet dresses up beautifully and meet Blake at the restaurant. Blake begs Harriet to come back home to the kids but she refused saying she has moved on and there is no turning back. Blake is hurt and does not know how to face his kids. He travels back home shattered. He informed his kids that their mom won't be coming back. Linda and Clair didn't want to make their dad feel bad because they love him very much but Brandon however wished his mum returns, he goes to room feeling sad.

Andrea an event planner has a rough day. Today is the first day she goes to work after calling of her wedding with her fiancee after she caught him cheating on her. She is the bread winner of her very big family.
Blake plans on throwing a party for the staff of his company and needs an event planner. A number of of event planning groups applied. He has scheduled each group for an interview today.
Andrea has been called for the interview. The moment Andrea and her team walked into the conference room ,Blake couldn't help but notice how beautiful Andrea is. She spoke so intelligently and eloquently. Blake couldn't help it but admire her. He knew he would be giving the job to her.

Blake goes home feeling excited but his excitement is cut short when his wife Harriet calls him asking for an annulment and that her lawyer has sent him the papers already. There was nothing Blake could do to change her mind.
Andrea starts falling in love with Blake but is scared because she's 25 years old and Blake is 40 years old . Blake also falls in love with Andrea. They are unable to fight their feelings so they start dating because life has given them another chance to start at fresh.

Harriet returns and tries to separate Blake and Andrea because she apparently still has feelings for Blake and she tries using her son Brandon to tear Blake Andrea apart but unfortunately for her Brandon and everyone else realised that she has a boyfriend called Michael. Brandon got angry and gave his consent for his father to marry Andrea.
Harriet has lost her family. Blake marries Andrea on a small church wedding.



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Harriet should hsve tried to sork things out with Michael instead since Michaels are a bleesing in disguise 😌😌

29.05.2021 23:42

Yuh she should have.. thanks too for reading my work

30.05.2021 11:49

Wow. I have actually witnessed such thing in my community where a woman abandons her family for another man and regrets later on and comes back to seek for forgiveness and she was forgiven tho but not taken back. A lesson learnt is life will always give us a second at love

31.05.2021 09:44

Thanks so much for taking your time to read @hydra1

31.05.2021 17:03