Dear all...

I hope that all of us are in good health and prosper. I have been away for a little while since I need to focus on my own real-life activities since I managed 17 projects in 5 regencies that are included health, education, economic empowerment, and infrastructure support in the community.

Today, I would like to announce a very important thing that recently goes on in The World Smile Project. With a better idea and prospects, my team and I have moved the World Smile Project into the new community namely "Steem For Betterlife community" a former Steem Education Community. This community was born as a result of the combination and assimilation of the Better Life Community and the Steem Education Community.

The assimilation of the two communities becomes one because it is to create a better program and to have a more efficient way of management. In the near future, World Smile Project will start the Education Support Program in Indonesia for the orphans and the vulnerable, hence the management team needs to consider a better way of the management system of the community.

I would love to encourage you to subscribe and give your support by posting in the "steem for betterlife community" by following the shortcut link below:

Thank you for the support and cooperation until we have reached this far. Your contributions are highly appreciated. There is no change at all about the purposes of The World Smile Project and the support to all of you will keep continuing as it has been planned, and I personally will keep support this community where possible and assist aunty @mariana4ve in any means possible. I hope you will grow and be able to support the next program both in the country and all parts of the world to create a real smile for those unlucky ones. Keep up the positive spirit inside you all my dear members and you need to know that you all are my angles.

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Es maravilloso cuando vemos que las cosas que amamos, crecen y se hacen más fuertes.

A partir de ahora las publicaciones relacionadas a las ayudas sociales y actividades para una mejor vida las publicaré en la comunidad Steem for Betterlife y los concursos, actividades, promociones exclusivos para los KIDS, en

Lugares apropiados para temas que correspondan.

Gracias por abrir este nuevo espacio de Bondad.

Cuentan conmigo!!!

17.09.2021 00:28

Todo lo que se construye con amor seguramente crecerá y se desarrollará.

Si queremos cambiar el mundo, primero tenemos que empezar por cambiar nuestras mentes y nuestra forma de pensar, y estoy seguro de que ya lo ha demostrado por sí mismo.

Me alegra ver que el desarrollo de la comunidad que construimos crece día a día. Este es el resultado de un amor que desarrollamos con toda responsabilidad.

Ojalá construyamos grandes cosas que sean más útiles en el futuro @ mariana4ve

18.09.2021 05:36

Estoy segura que así será.

18.09.2021 23:35

Y también conmigo madrina ☺️

20.09.2021 19:10

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

17.09.2021 15:59

Ya me suscribí a esta comunidad y apoyaré en lo que pueda saludos @el-nailul 🤝

20.09.2021 19:09