STEEM AMAL OFFICIAL REPORT: Emergency response on 2 houses fires in Tanah Luas North Aceh

Recently, steem.amal Lhokseumawe team has responded to the housing fires in North Aceh. The information about the fires was forwarded to the Steem.amal WhatsApp group by the steem.amal team and quickly responded to conduct assessment and survey.

Image property of @radjasalman

The surveyor team led by @radjasalman went to the location on Tuesday, September 7th, and deliver aids from steem.amal emergency response program. The team led by @radjasalman and Lhokseumawe steemian went to the location and coordinated with the head of the village was warmly welcomed.

Assesment and survey by Lhokseumawe team, @alee75 , @radjasalman and Ilyas Bardan. Image Property of @alee75

Find complete information in the link below:

The information about the fires are as below:

Accident date: Monday, 6th September 2021
Location: Teungku di Balee Village, Tanah Luas sub Regency, North Aceh Regency
Owner of the house: Ilyas Bardan (77 YO) and Saiful Bahri (40 YO)
Quantity of house: 2 houses were on fires
Total lost: Approx IDR 100,000,000 or equivalent to 1000 SBD

Detail Information of the family:

First Family

|No|Name| Age| Relation| Address|
|1|Ilyas Bardan|77 YO |Head Of Family| Gp. Tgk. Di Balee|
|2|Husnawati |50 YO| Wife| Gp. Tgk. Di Balee|
|3|Fauziah| 25 YO| Daughter| Gp. Tgk. Di Balee|
|4|Saddam| 22 YO| Son| Gp. Tgk. Di Balee|

### Second Family

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