Posts are not displayed after the initiation of the account recovery for @joel0

Dear @steemitblog

I would like to address the issue regarding the account recovery for @joel0.

Yesterday evening, the account recovery process for @joel0 was completed and the password was also changed, but the thing is non of his previous post was displayed neither in the account's blog nor in the post section.

Today, he made a post in the steem SEA community to inform everyone that the account has been taken back safely. But still, the post was not visible both in the community and his personal post. He told me about the issue, and I log into his account and try to refresh to ensure the was not because of the network issue. I made a test post and only a few seconds displays in the community's new post list, refreshing the page cause the post is invisible anymore, and even could not be found except in the




Those 3 screenshots show us that the account is empty even though this account has made 2 recent posts, the information of the posts that have been made is only in the

I would like to help him to take his account back completely if anyone could give me some feedback on how to counter the issue

Thank you in advance for your attention and response




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Hi, I am not sure of it, it's probably data of posts, reshares, comments and replies get reset after recovering an account. But need to be sure about it🙏

24.10.2021 15:51

The account seems to be blacklisted. I will try to get him removed from the list ;)

25.10.2021 09:43

Did it go on the blacklist automatically?

25.10.2021 11:59

No, I guess it's because of his comments with the phishing link ( Of course, he now should remove/edit those comments to ensure that nobody else clicks on the links. Otherwise he might get blacklisted again.

25.10.2021 12:52

OMG! So, it's him! He was frequently creating comments on a lot of posts with phishing links! People like him pollute steemit. He doesn't deserve steemit. I didn't recognize it before, now I got him.

25.10.2021 13:34

He himself fell for the phishing trap, entered his key on the scammers site and the scammer took over control. So the comments were not created by him. That's how they do it.

25.10.2021 14:34

Hope that we all will be careful about these traps all the time.

25.10.2021 14:46

Thank you very much, he could not access any comment and post he has made before the blacklist is removed. I will ensure all the comments will be deleted soonest the account can be visible again. Thank @steemchiller



25.10.2021 14:26