I am being away and a bit lost about updates of the community since the activities in the field getting higher rapidly, but it is not an excuse to completely ignore the recent situation of the community and the ongoing project in the field. The community team leader (Heriadi) keep me updated about the program and community progress regularly

Few urgent issues have arisen within 2 weeks in the Better Life Community that need to be discussed accordingly. It is an essential part of the community development program. Again, programs initiated in the community need to be synchronized with the steemit team plan to reinforce and strengthen the Steem Economic Ecosystem.

The steemit team has launched the #club5050 to reinforce the bargaining power of the steem in the market and it is benefited the users of this platform in a long run. The Steem For Better Life initiator and its admin see this as a crucial issue and need to be discussed in the internal meeting to meet the overall program in the community.

Meeting Agenda

Within the short notice, I (@el-nailul), @heriadi, and @irawandedy, held the internal meeting in Hibrida Coffee Shop to underline a few issues as below:

  • Campaign strategy of the #club5050
  • Build up Community Self-Sufficient
  • Fund Raising for the World Smile Project both in Indonesia and Venezuela

Minute Meeting

Date and time: November 6th, 2021/ 21:45-22:45 WIB (Western Indonesian Time)
Venue: Hibrida Coffee, Geudong-North Aceh


Campaign Strategy of the #club5050

  • Admin and Mod of the Steem for a better life must strengthen the account by powering up the earning at least 75% and promoting the tag with the correct use of the tagging
  • Educate the member for the proper use of the #club5050 #clubdolphin tagging, and follow the steem for better life community rules and comply with the steemit team rules that are posted by @steemitblog
  • Selecting the best post of the day based on the criteria of powering up account constantly at a minimum 50% of the earning
  • Commenting and guiding the members on how to improve the post andencourage the member to make the achievement in Newcomer's Community for eligibility of being part of the Steem For Better Life members

Build Up Community Self-Sufficient

  • Set up sharing the weekly/monthly reward of the community's account ( earning by 50/50 (only 50% will be shared with the delegators and the reward will be transferred in form of the SP instead of liquid steem. This strategy is to ensure the power-up an account will definitely be fulfilled
  • Admins, initiators, and moderators should set the self-planning of having at minimum 10,000 SP (dolphin) to be able to support community members
  • Encourage the community members to delegate SP into the official community account (
  • Utilize the @worldsmile account to curate the quality posts for supporting the members
  • Support members quality posts by giving upvotes and comments, improving the quality, variety of posts,s and also encouraging them to keep updated on the steemit blog official announcements

    Fund Raising for the World Smile Project both in Indonesia and Venezuela

    • Re-establish the use of the #worldsmileproject50pc tag for fund rising by setting up a 50% payout for @worldsmile or @hive-198626
    • Control overflow of the fund and the strategy of cashing out the fund by allocating 10% of the fund for powering up the charity account
    • Initiators, admins, and moderators should at least set up 50% of the payout of the charity account to support the program and be the role model for the community members

    The meeting conclusion will be evaluated regularly in accordance with the change of the strategy and overall planning of the steemit team.

    For more detailed strategy implementation, all initiators, admins, and mods of the steem for better life community will set up the Strategy meeting to encounter any crucial issues coming up

    With my best regards


    Community Initiar


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Semua poin yang tertulis adalah penting bagi kami, dan kami selaku member akan menanti beberapa program penting dari tim komunitas menyangkut implementasi tindak lanjut proyek tim steemit. Terima kasih kanda atas informasi ini

06.11.2021 17:08

Terimakasih atas apresiasi nya pak @ridwant, sukses selalu untuk kita semua



06.11.2021 17:40

Terima kasih kembali kanda. Sukses untuk kita semua !



06.11.2021 18:11

Great meeting agenda by producing important points to build a better and stronger steem for betterlife community by following the rules initiated by the #steemit team,,, hopefully admins, initiators and moderators of the steem for betterlife community will be more compact and enthusiastic in guiding us as members for the betterment of this community that we are proud of, best wishes for the steem community for betterlife,, 🙏



06.11.2021 18:18

Semua points di atas sangat mendorong kami untuk terus meningkatkan kualitas kami dalam komunitas. Semoga saya dapat melakukan yang terbaik dan mendorong para steemians untuk terus meningkatkan power up untuk mendukung program #club5050 dan #worldsmileproject50pc

Sukses terus untuk tim steem for better life

06.11.2021 18:35

You have always been present in every smile of the World Smile Project in Venezuela, now you are present in my community of Tirano, a humble fishing village where I am actively supporting people with the equipment that @mariana4ve sent me, grateful that thanks to your kindness the project could reach us, I send you a big hug from my beautiful island in Venezuela.
I try to support with my votes and comments, give back in some way.this community should become one of the largest and strongest in Steemit,we will all collaborate for it.



08.11.2021 10:13

Excelentes sugerencias. Me pondré al día con los usuarios de Venezuela para promover el club5050 y explicaré la configuración de beneficio 50pc

10.11.2021 17:24

club5050 😀

12.11.2021 16:07

By always doing Power Ups in participating in the #club5050 campaign we can develop Steem Power faster or become Dolphins.

Thanks you #club5050

12.11.2021 19:29