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Used an interpreter, so sorry for the distortion.
My name is Ekaterina. I share a difficult life situation and ask for material help. I did not think that I would appeal, but life is unpredictable.
17 years (since 1999) we, a family of 4 people (father, mother, brother and I), lived in a 3-room apartment with my grandmother. According to the pedigree - my mother's aunt. For me and my brother is my grandmother. November 11, 2016, my grandmother died.
They settled in the apartment at the same time in 1999, having previously agreed to purchase it for cohabitation, cooperated with her, cooked meals together, ate meals at a common table, conducted a general budget, bought food, clothing, and basic necessities for her. Due to the fact that my grandmother was in old age, we all took care of her, helped in everything.
Since the apartment is communal (the room was framed by a grandmother), they applied for the room as needy in a living room. The total area per family is 37.89 square meters. The grandmother occupied the area of the living room of 9.8 square meters. At the brother apartment-studio 24 sq. m. 37.89 + 24 = 61.89 square meters. 61.89 / 4 people = 15.47 square meters. According to the laws of the city, the accounting rate of the total area per person is 15 square meters. The city administration refused due to excess living space 0.47 square meters per person, that is, 1.88 sq. m. Taking into account the fact that his brother bought an apartment-studio in a mortgage. As a result, we fought for 0.47 square meters, recognizing the deceased person as a relative of the family, having recognized themselves as needy, reached the Regional Court of the region, where they eventually turned us down.
I see 2 ways of solving:
1) The population is 9.8 sq. M. m. By law, the norm of living space in the city is 10 sq.m. There is not enough 2 cm, but knowing our officials - will be populated.
2) Redemption of the room at market value, which is somewhere around 400 thousand rubles.
The President himself said that the communal apartments should not be produced, but as a result ... live with the population
Request, help to raise money for the ransom of the room, 400 thousand rubles for us it is not a lift.
In the case of collecting the required amounts will put all the documents on the result of cost.

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