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Hi my fellow steemian friend , my name is @ejimaruaoko. How are you guys I hope your day is going well? If so may all the glory be unto God Almighty.
Am using this opportunity to write my achievement 4 APPLYING MARKDOWN.
Am writing about my school.


This is an agricultural school located in umudike Abia state Nigeria. It is an institution established by federal government of Nigeria on 2nd November 1993 with professor Placid C. Njoku as the first chancellor.


The institution is located in Umudike, the research town about 9 kilometer from Abia state capital Umuahia. Michael Okpara University of agriculture is located along Umuahia ikot ekpene road.
This institution offers courses ranging from engineering, applied science, to vet medicine, etc. There are some other colleges in the university like:

  • College of Agricultural and science education.
  • College of Agricultural Economics, Rural Sociology and extention.
  • College of Animal Science and Animal Production.
  • College of Applied food science and Tourism.
  • College Crop and Soil Science.
  • College of Engineering and Engineering.
  • College of physical and Applied Science.
    Among this above listed colleges, there are three most popular colleges which are college of engineering and engineering technology, college of physical and applied science and college crop and soil science.


This is an Engineering college that handles all the Engineering courses in the university and they are:

  1. Civil Engineering
  2. Agric Agricultural
  3. Mechanical Engineering
  4. Chemical Engineering
  5. Computer Engineering
  6. Electrical Engineering



This college handles all the physical and applied courses which includes:
a) Physics
b) Mathematics
c) Chemistry
d) Computer Science
e) Statistics



This college has only three departments which are:
i) Agronomy
ii) Plant and Health Management
iii) Soil science and Metrology
The vice chancellors office is just as old as the university itself. The office has made progress since the establishment of the institution.
We shall be making a table of past and present list of vice chancellor in Mouau.
Vice chancellors duration
1 Professor Placid Njoku 1993-1990
2 Professor Ogbonnaya Onwudike 2000-2006
3 Professor Ikenna onyido 2006-2011
4 Professor Hillary Edeoga 2011-2016
5. Professor Francis Otunta 2016-2021
6 Professor Maduebibisi Ofo Iwe present

There are some notable places in the university, they include:
The school library
Admin block

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