When do we wake up from our dreams?

pexels-photo-279467.jpegWe dream of our dreams, aspirations, hope and desires and those dreams help us lay claim to a desire to live our lives. But, the question now is, when do we get to wake up from our dreams?

Dreams are our reality and they make us who we are and who we want to be.


The mind battles against itself to be part of a grand reality in the scheme of things and that push is driven by our dreams and desires to dream dreams that works.

When is it the right time to wake up from our dreams?
Do you wake up when you are winning or when you are failing?
Does success at a thing equate the resultant effect of all our dreams?
Who is supposed to be the dream stopper and dream maker for the man that dreams?
Is there is a reason to dream when we know we will have to wake up from that dream?

Doing you whenever you can is the first step to living your dream and if you then do not find your wins, you have the choice to wake up to start dreaming afresh or stop dreaming altogether.

Three types of dreamers.
  • Those who cut their dreams short.
    Many people are in the habit of cutting short their dreams whenever they feel they are not meeting up to their target.

    The spoil their chances before they even started and because they are specialized failures, it is easy to just stop at the first fail.

  • Those who don't stop.
    Some people will never stop dreaming and they will overcome whatever the odds are that seems to make them want to stop.
    They follow through with their dream and wait it out until they have their wins.

    These particular type of people know when and how to wake up from their dream ignition isn't working and the start all over again.

  • Those who don't know when to stop.
    These type don't know when to stop dreaming and no matter how gloomy the dream gets, they never do anything to stop that dream and maybe move on to another dream.

    Their minds are so small that their mindset is enclosed to the idea of doing something different.
    Even if they are failing with all the signs of getting out coming so clear to them, they never get out.

    I think there should be a time where we all should learn to wake up from our dreams if it isn't working because, dreams can become nightmares when we stay longer in dreamland.

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