To know who you are..

To know yourself, just act because, your actions will delineate and define you. Asking "who am I" will never get you the answers you seek about yourself.

Take the first step into your self realization and act.

I Feel Blessed!

The burden of self realization can be really heavy and when it falls on you, you may come under the weight of it and crash painfully.
The actions a man takes is what is responsible for him moving forward and ahead of his peers and into a more satisfactory pedestal.

Learn to act more and ask less questions about yourself. Your ability to choose and set the tome for your musis will see your dancing beautifully and expertly to the tune.

Who are you?, take actions and the answer will come flooding towards you.

Make the world a better place for someone today!

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I Feel Blessed me too.

How have you been @ejemai

23.07.2019 12:23