Steemit Philippines Open Mic Week #7 Contest/ "All of Me" by John Legend- @eivor22


Since I am in the mood today. I have decided to record a song again for this contest. You might see my entry every week, for I do enjoy singing. Just bear with me :D This activity is helping me a lot to release my stress :)

I have posted some blogs regarding the difficulties I and my family are facing right now. Despite those, I still want to think positively, that everything will be fine in God's time. The song I'm gong to sing is a song of love, I want to feel in love at this moment, it's the feeling that can somehow make me forget temporarily how difficult life is. Even just for around 4 minutes, I feel joy through singing.

Hope you feel in love too while listening to my not-so-angelic voice :D

I chose the song "All of Me" by John Legend. It has been a long time since I sang this song. It was still the time when I was head over heels with someone :) Bringing those memories back put a smile on my face. How lovely those moments were. This was the song I usually sang to the one I loved. Yeah! I already mentioned in some of my blogs about my ex-boyfriend. You might be bored reading about it :D Not to mention, I really like dedicating songs to the people I do cherish. So, every song I sing has it's own meaning, and it is dedicated to someone in my life, may that be my family, my friends or my lover.

To discuss the lyrics of this song a bit. It is about accepting the person you love for everything he/she is. Loving their imperfections. They may be too annoying, demanding or whatsoever.

As for me, I definitely love the people around me in whoever they are. Their imperfections make them so beautiful.
And remember ,this is not only about loving others , but it is also about loving ourselves for who we are.

Love yourself too. I'm glad I do love myself right now :)

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Maraming salamat sa iyong support sa contest ko tuloy mo lang . God luck.

27.11.2021 07:01

yes po, nakaka enjoy din kasi :)

27.11.2021 07:04

I also love this song.

28.11.2021 05:56