Steemit Philippines Open Mic Week 4 Contest ( Can't Take My Eyes Off You by frankie valli and lauryn hill @eivor22

Hello everyone here I am again! It's already my third time joining this activity. I am truly thankful to Miss @olivia08 for making this possible :)

Please bear with my voice, hope you still like it :)

Since today I am feeling great, I would like to share a lively song of love :)
I often sing songs that have relevant meaning to my life, or a song that I used to sing for someone I totally cherish.
Whenever I sing those songs, they bring back the feeling I had during the time I was with the person, it may be good or bad.

This time "Can't take My Eyes Off you" is my chosen piece.
This has an upbeat melody which makes me feel enthusiastic, it will encourage my body to move a bit.
I used to sing this song to someone I loved in the past, and I still love up to now. Yes, I still do :)

Although I am not with that person anymore, I still want to remember all the things we had, how joyful I was by his side. That once in my life I loved someone sincerely, with all of my heart and I was loved back in return.
I remember that it's his birthday today, such a good timing remembering him :) Happy Birthday!

I am smiling right now while writing this blog, I realized how lucky I was to experience such thing.
Are you curious why things ended between us? Just stay curious :D
Kidding aside, I ended it with him because I thought we needed to be apart for us to be able to really find what we wanted in life. We needed time for ourselves first. I was not sure if I did the right thing, God only knew.

Anyway, I still wish him happiness in life. If we meet again, then it's God's will.
I still love him though :)

Thus, this song really inspires me and makes me smile.

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Wow, I love the story and you are so brave enough to stay away from him though you still love him.. Parang sakit yata yan.

30.10.2021 03:17

Thank you po :) Need po maging brave for the future :)

30.10.2021 04:25

Good decision, Hit uour goal.

30.10.2021 04:48

para sa ekonomiya

30.10.2021 06:03

I like this song. May naalala ako sa kantang ito. Salamat sa pagkanta singer. πŸ‘

31.10.2021 06:42

Thanks 😊, hindi po singer, kumakanta lang hehe

31.10.2021 07:36

Ang ganda kasi ng boses. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

31.10.2021 09:12

Thank you 😊

31.10.2021 10:44

galing as always. kung saan man sya ngayon yung dati mong bf, dun nalang sya haha joke lang po. moving forward ka na sis.

31.10.2021 08:17

moving forward na po 😊😊😊
sana tuloy tuloy na hehe


31.10.2021 09:03

nindota tingug ni geng eyyy :) :) :) laban lang hihi

01.11.2021 03:35

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