Still not using outstaffing opportunity? Look what you are losing!

What is outstaffing?

Outstaffing means hiring specialists (developers, designers, QA engineers and many others.) from some other organization. They hold operating there, but efficaciously you emerge as their employer and that they work on tasks you provide directly to them.

For you, those experts aren't on staff — they're “out of the staff.” Outstaffing companies are liable for their specialists’ legit employment, taxes, insurance and all that stuff. however you manage their work, guide their activities and control the entire process.


More details about benefits of IT outstaffing!

First of all let’s underline the most obvious points. IT outstaffing guarantees the following advantages:
You are getting a great professional without dealing with the pains of paying overhead benefits, taxes, insurance, legal responsibilities, etc.
You remain flexible when it comes to increasing or decreasing the number of specialists you need for your projects.

You will reduce expenses significantly.

Company value will rise by increasing the index of income per staff.
You have full flexibility in development.
Unlike outsourcing, outstaffing allows you to manage employees directly and have team meetings any time you need.

  • Efficient reporting procedures to monitor productivity and results
  • Team dedicated solely to your project
  • No management expenses
  • No extra expenses on recruiting training and infrastructure costs

Sometimes the solution is just in front of you, and sometimes you have to think long and hard and weigh all the options. If this is a new practice for you and your business, and you are not sure how to handle it, let professionals like EightDevs help you find your way. If you already have experience with outstaffing, let us explore new options together.

Advantages of outstaffing from Ukraine

Education level

Ukraine counts more than 850 higher education institutions, 75 % of adult population has secondary or higher education, ignoring the fact of over 70 years of scientific history of the country. Considering strong mathematics and technical backgrounds due to traditional and powerful educational system, Ukrainian developers are able to cover all the possible demands and tasks. Ukrainians show their outstanding technical knowledge, establishing innovative startups and scientific research.

Huge IT talent

In Ukraine, every third person you meet will be related to IT-industry. It’s because there are so many talented professionals with strong backgrounds. Here you can find the team to cover any technology and solution you require: JavaScript, PHP, Java, .Net, mobile applications, Cloud solution, game development, etc.

Cheaper but better

It’s a myth that Ukrainian developers are among the cheapest one. But it’s 100% true that Ukrainian developers are ones of the most talented, clever and hardworking ones! It’s also true that they have much lower rates compared to US, Western Europe, Canada and Australia.
When you are reading some feedbacks about Ukrainian IT-specialist, you’ll definitely run into their client-oriented approach, deep dive into projects and total dedication. Along with all the advantages, you are able to cost-effectively achieve the desired results and get the proactive and progressive-minded team.

Ukrainian developers are much more European in all senses then Indian or Pakistan specialists. It’s much easier to communicate and explain business needs as example.
Ukrainian developers also demonstrate much higher responsibility level of work and definitely much better quality.

All these differences arise from cultural background and level of social education and knowledge.

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