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Cryptocurrencies have changed many areas of the economy. This unfortunately includes the criminal cycle. There is a new field of activity for thieves - hacking bitcoin/alternative wallets. The amount of stolen bitcoin has already been measured in the millions of dollars and large crypto exchanges, miners and general users have fallen victim to the attackers.

The advantage of Web Wallet is that it is available to you anytime from any device. Therefore, it doesn't matter which device you use - you can always manage your savings. This is certainly very convenient, but when choosing a place to store cryptocurrency, we must pay special attention to security and reliability. As most wallets or exchanges may not provide the necessary reliability. At the same time, compromises can be made with even the most secure cooling hardware wallets.

In turn cryptocurrency exchanges are the most incredible way to make long-term savings, since in reality, you simply pay your money to secure a third party without any obligation.



In fact, there are many ways to get user data. Hackers have long developed a set of activities that use special programs to find a password, vulnerability or faulty users in the Bitcoin or alternative wallet. In 2018, Gakers from China hacked into the mobile networks of 10 global operators, gaining access to calls, SMS and users ’geolocation. Cyberson clarified that the hackers obtained all the information from the 4G LTE network, which indicates the movement and communication of people - invaluable information for individuals and organizations who want to know a person's daily schedule.

In total, telecommunications companies in more than 30 countries were affected by cyberattack, with operators not named. Hackers attacked the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Service and gained access to citizens' photos and car license plates. According to CNN, the department clarified that a Border Services contractor uploaded data to its network, followed by a cyber attack.



screenshot is taken from my post comment.

Sometimes I see similar comments at the bottom of my post. They offer Get $54 worth of 350 STEEM & Get 350 STEEM airdrop. Basically it's a trap to hack the steemit keys. If someone clicks on "Claim" they ask his user key. A few days ago, someone commented on my post and I replied, "You are fraud & you are a hacker." He said in a statement that his account had been hacked. Don't enter your keys to third party applications.


  • We should avoid keeping cryptocurrencies for extended periods of time or for longer than essential.
  • If we go for a hardware wallet, choose a pin code that is hard to guess. We should mind it that avoid putting our 24-word recovery sheet online. And avoid sending the keys to gmail account.
  • We should use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) as always.
  • We should login only to secure websites with a valid HTTPS certificate.
  • We should separate our fund that means don't keep or accumulate your all crypto asset in one basket.


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We should avoid keeping cryptocurrencies for extended periods of time or for longer than essential.

Is there a period of time too long to hold cryptocurrency? We are told to hodl, so when does it become to long to hold?

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16.03.2021 08:04