Getting ready for next batch...


The cool thing about making pastries is that there is endless possibilities in terms of designing every individual pieces.


These are all our variations of the classic creampuff pastry :)

Our shop is now open, Steemians will have the chance to get this in exchange of Steem/SBD. How cool is that? You get to spend your hard earned crypto into something tangible and filling :)

If you are a Steemian based in Baguio city (Philippines) then this one is an opportunity to practically use your Steem. Cheers!

EggInc Desserts & Pastries is located at:

Arc Residences (Stall #6)
Bareng Drive, Bakakeng, Baguio City Philippines

We are now open...!

For more details, you may visit our website at:

Also, stay updated through our Instagram feed @iloveegginc

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