I heard this when I was in Korea. One day a young lady was strolling home late night after work or something. It was dull and around 12 PM. She experienced a loft where they had lift. She got in the lift and when the entryway was going to close, a weird man with red hoodie entered the lift. He was sorry for startling her and asked which floor she is making a beeline for, without looking. She let him know out of dread and the man calmly press the catch and the one beneath. As they were en route, he approached her for her PDA on the off chance that he could utilize it however she declined out of suspicious and separated herself in the corner. Following quite a while of quietness, lift landed to the floor underneath the one young lady was making a beeline for and the entryway opened. The person gradually left the entryway and pivoted looking toward the lift and the young lady, and just gazed at her with no development. Gradually the entryway began to close and from the hole, she could see him pivoting heading for up-stairs… hauling a blade out of his pocket.

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