Sex">lo-que-odian-los-hombres-en-el-sexo-segun-algunos-de-ellos.jpg rcizar and I can not when they move absolutely nothing. Nor do I like to force sensuality, "he ends.

Strange movements
You don't have to be a master in the subject to know that there are certain things that are sensitive. Not knowing what to do in some moments may seem even tender, but if you think there is something basic like touching a penis that is difficult for you, maybe you should talk to the guy in question to tell you how he would like you to do it. "That you masturbate as if it were a joystick is a classic. I don't know if they think they are putting the fifth of a car, but sometimes they grab it with such force that it is scary," says Fernando.


"There are two extremes: either they are afraid of them and they don't want to touch her (I don't know if they think she bites) or they take her as if she were the 'baticao' and they start with a movement that you don't know whether to laugh, cry or put yourself next to a radar to see if they are speeding. In this case porn has also done a lot of damage. Our penises are also sensitive, "says Arturo, 29.

I want them to have the same level of involvement. We are in 2019 and we should have overcome the stand and be 'starfish'

Over the years men and women have been assimilating the x-cinema as normal, but the truth is that when we carry out the sexual act, even unconsciously, we want it to be as we have seen in this type of movies. And no, we are not contortionists, nor are attitudes the most correct in many cases. "What I wear worse is that when they get on top to ride us, they think they move great in the star plan of sex and what they are is tearing us apart," concludes Fabio, 34.

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