The Harvest by Ed Privat

Hey guys!!!

Sorry for not posting every day lately, I've been working and I didn't have much time for anything but working, I have to admit that just doing music was much less tiring, doing a gig or 2 once a week and resting was a much better life style!

This is a song that I recorded a few years ago with my LAG guitar, It had a jumbo body and I really like the sound of it. The VST instruments were written on Cubase 5, and I like the sound of the 808 drums. The song is about information and knowledge. It has a spooky feeling to it, but I do still enjoy listening to it, I hope that you do too!

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Happy Saturday my friend.@edprivat..YOU aer great..i love your all post

10.08.2019 07:35

You are a great artist

10.08.2019 09:37