Inktober Day 27, Coat

Hello everyone,
I am very tired and I can't wait to go to bed but I just had to get today's Inktober entry in. Funny that I should be trying my hand at fashion illustration at the same time that I am trying to organize a camp 80s fitness photoshoot based off of the latest season of American Horror Story.

I used a Facebook group centered around photographers and models in order to assess if there was an interest and if people were willing to participate for free. It turns out that a few people are interested but it is tricky to find a time that suits everyone. I am looking at renting a dance studio that would really sell the idea as far as location.

I have no idea why I added this to my to do list, it's already pretty full to be honest.

I am life modelling for art classes twice this week which I am excited about but my lower back is bothering me so I hope that I will not aggravate it by posing.



Here I am, inking my entry for the prompt: Coat, right before erasing the pencil drawing.


My two Urban glamazons are inspired by Issey Miyake. I particularly liked his 90s era with those inflated jacket that look kind of like a hunchback.

I want to thank @OCD from the bottom of my heart because they have done such a terrific job so far, making us artist feel special and celebrated for Inktober. Now that's the kind of proof of brain that I am talking about!


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29.10.2019 22:30

Je ne connaissais pas le terme Glamazons...^_^ Un mélange d'amazone et glamour je suppose ..? 😊

01.11.2019 10:24

T’a tout compris ;)

01.11.2019 15:39