Inktober Day 11, Snow

Oh snow! I am lagging behind, didn’t see that one coming ;)

When I saw another Jon Snow on Instagram, I thought to myself, my idea is not so original but maybe with a little joke in there, I could make it my own.

“You know nothing Jon Snow” is a line from Game of Thrones that stuck in my head for quite a while.

This drawing is based on a still from the series. I am pleased to recognize some of the styles in my favorite Marvel Comics.



I was lucky that I only smeared Ygritte’s cheek a little bit. The Pentel brush tip pen does take a couple minutes to set. I was more careful after that and worked mostly from left to right as I am right handed.


What makes this challenge so difficult is the intention to share the work. Perhaps I should be shameless about presenting meh entries. But that’s easier said than done!

Shading is a challenges and geometrically speaking, triangles are your friends. As always, the tough part is the face where the shading can easily overwhelming. I say as always; because faces are generally the most detailed.

Game of Thrones is a series I truly respect as far as entertainment is concerned, it strikes a good balance between grit and fantasy but it became old hat for the last season.

Mr Robot, another series which I love, is probably going to have the same problem. However, it is a lot edgier so I will suspend disbelief quite a lot as I enjoy this final season.

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13.10.2019 21:56

really nice! haha love it

13.10.2019 22:07

Thanks a bundle!

13.10.2019 22:12

Awesome job. I miss this show each day

13.10.2019 22:45


26.10.2019 05:23

Last seasons tend to be... how should I put it? - last seasony! Either they have to pull all the stoppers, jump all the shark, and burn the whole place to the ground (it's the last season anyway, right?), or they get lost in a "whose dream is this anyway?" confusion. That's why I say, don't judge a series by its last season, as you wouldn't judge a book by its cover.
Game of Thrones, by they way, is ranking pretty high among my favorite shows. Very well made, and definitely worth watching again. Like my wife and I are doing right now. We've both seen all episodes, but not all of them together, so that's what we're catching up on. It's amazing to see how many things I did not remember, which again shows the quality of the series.
Now Mr. Robot, that is a show that we'll probably never watch together, as the edgy, techy, mental aspects are really not Elba's cup of tea... I however enjoyed it quite a bit!

14.10.2019 00:45

Always interesting to get your POV. Which rabbit hole did GOT fall in?
A) Who’s dream is it anyway
B) Jump all the sharks

For me it was B

14.10.2019 01:15

Well, quite honestly, for me the last season of GOT was not as bad as many serious fans. I remember most people were complaining about the poor way how Daenerys turned out, going crazy and burning the city, which I had no problems with. I mean, sure it's not nice and all, but I think it's a serious message of the series: no matter how idealistic you start out, or how much you're trying to maintain integrity. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. But you know what? Ask me again in about three weeks. That's approximately when we'll have finished the last season.

14.10.2019 16:16

For me, Daenarys going crazy wasn't the problem, it was just too much of a triumph of good over evil, wrapping up too many loose ends.

26.10.2019 05:25

Hahaha, tying up the loose ends is actually something I liked a lot. It's completely unrealistic, of course, but at least it was a proper ending to the story. What I liked a lot is how the surviving protagonists all became the members of king Bran's small council, and Jon Snow (or rather Aegon Targarian) back to brood on the wall. Oh, and of course there were a few token loose ends for the fans imagination, such as Arya sailing west of Westeros, Gray Worm to Isle of Naath, and the dragon flying off to... lay some eggs maybe?

26.10.2019 16:26

I know nothing ...about GoT, but I enjoy your drawing 😊

14.10.2019 20:18

Thanks so much! Merci

26.10.2019 05:22

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