Abundance Challenge day 4, Family First

It is no secret that large corporations leverage our reptilian brains to make money and often at the expense of our health. Many find a fried chicken commercials mouth watering because their Pavlovian response is deeply conditioned and they do little to counteract the mental effect of advertisement. Therefore, the physical reaction brought on by impulse, generating saliva is inevitable. This brainwashing only makes it harder to make wise decisions when it comes to nutrition and even the word diet is riddled with weird stigmas around body shaming. As if there was no way to take on healthier habits for the sake of being healthy.

Instead of trying to fix what is broken, we should focus more on our will to heal and channel the united field.

This is just one example of how advertisement appeals to the most basic instincts, fashion is another one which at times blatantly focusses on glamourizing the upper class with no thought to ordinary folks who are ironically the number 1 recipient of those campaigns. Just think about how many tabloids are sold to the masses with their worst dressed celebrity lists, thanks to the fact that we have been so well trained to be good subservient slaves to Hollywood.

We owe it to Mother Nature to change our ways as best we can, and to think of ourselves as much more than mere consumers.

Meditation can help weed out superfluous thoughts. It is no cure all for envy of any kind, but it can offer an important perspective. Today, my blessing was to focus on the ones I love like my brother and my sis-in-law who came to enjoy a meal with us.


Mom is the first one to tell you to focus on the big picture, like the student debt of an entire generation...

... but also the small things like the fish on this reverse painting.


Don’t like a painting? Do the back and then of course, transform it into a living installation. It’s how we put the concept in concept art up in here.


Adding maple syrup to a hibiscus drink tea with bitters. It was given the lie of the last batch and will be left to ferment on the counter.


Grated beets, apple cidre vinaigre, lemon juice and a pinch of sugar; it doesn’t get much more simple than that. Did you know the red dye in beets called betaine is a highly a absorbable osmolyte and a source of methyl groups which means that it helps to promote heart, liver and kidney health?


They say money makes the world go round, well I am very grateful that this challenge has helped me focus on the ones I love instead of the things I have or the money I owe. Thankful for allowing myself to simply give without reservation, while enjoying a meal cooked with the love of a mother for her sons.

We owe it to Mother Nature to change our ways as best we can, and to think of ourselves as much more than mere consumers.

All of this ancient wisdom is useful for sharing on Steem, knowing that the love you put in a post is more meaningful then a payout, big or small. I am looking forward to a new chapter of this blockchain where I don’t have to care so much if it’s monetary value goes up or down and embrace the community deeper than ever before, proud owner of my content.


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Well, I knew Beets were good for you and can dye clothes. Didn't know those other particular health benefits though. Never thought of the word diet being a body shaming concept but i cash see that now.

14.01.2020 14:38

Diet has become a word that has little to do with the notion of taking on healthier life habits in the health and wellness industry.

14.01.2020 16:38

Followed you after reading the first sentance hahaha!

14.01.2020 22:04

14.01.2020 22:34

According to the Bible, Why is there death if there is God? (Part 1 of 3)

(Sorry for sending this comment. We are not looking for our self profit, our intentions is to preach the words of God in any means possible.)

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14.01.2020 22:44

Wow that maple syrup hibiscus ferment looks great! I need more information! How cool is your Mum!!! @riverflows

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14.01.2020 22:52

Thank you!
Yes, she’s pretty darn cool, I will ask and take notes.

14.01.2020 23:01